Meet Andrea Lirio

Hi there! My name is Andrea, and I’m a first-year at Bryn Mawr College. This year, I’ve been given the amazing opportunity to share my experiences, thoughts, and tips – things I wish I had been able to read more about when I was going through the college application process – on the college experience.

Interesting factoids:

  • I took a gap year between my last year of high school and first year of college.
  • I use she/her pronouns.
  • I’m from Newton, Massachusetts. At home I live with my dad, mom, 12-year-old sister, 11-year-old brother, and my 2 dogs.
  • I’m interested in pursuing a career in the world of business post-college.
  • I’m an Aries.
  • I love Disney!
  • In high school, I was extremely involved in school activities. I participated in our school a cappella group, print newspaper, volunteer groups, Asian student organizations, etc. I always thought I learned the most from outside of the classroom work because it gave me the opportunity to apply what I’d learned through the years – from leadership and problem solving to organization – into “real world” contexts.

I’m excited to share more about me and my experiences this year. Stay tuned for more!



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