The Sophomore Plan

From Andrea Lirio 

The Sophomore Plan is a program Bryn Mawr offers to help students, particularly sophomores (like me!), with selecting a major, deciding whether or not to study abroad, and preparing for internships and other professional opportunities. During the fall semester, I met with my dean to discuss the goals and interests that would help shape my college plan and experience. We discussed my potential major and courses needed to complete it, my interest in going abroad during junior year, and my past internship experience. 

Each Sophomore Plan includes: 

  • Resume: For the Career and Civic Engagement Center to review and edit before you apply for internships/ work! 
  • Major Work Planplan to fulfill all graduation requirements and your major.  You get help from your Dean, Registrar, and Major Advisor 😊 
  • Study Abroad (Optional): Work with your Dean and Major Advisor to apply for study abroad as well as confirm that you can complete all your requirements on time. 
  • Get to Know Your Dean: Throughout your time at Bryn Mawr, you will have consistent appointments with your dean to discuss your interests and goals. 

Majoring is a really big part of your college experience, especially at Bryn MawrBryn Mawr provides a unique and individually catered plan for every student and encourages you to follow your passions. Picking a major helps you do that! 

There’s no rush to figure out exactly what you want to do, so if you are undecided don’t worry. At Bryn Mawr, your first year is supposed to be spent exploring your interests and taking classes that may not be within your comfort zone. During sophomore year, it’s a great time to reflect on your progress, develop some goalsand set some priorities for the rest of your time at Bryn MawrThere’s plenty of time to talk about options, and your plan can always change! Bryn Mawr has a great support system in place to help you find what’s right for you — from Peer Mentors and Dean to Registrars and Career Peers. 

When you do find your path, Bryn Mawr celebrates with you! Declaring your major is more than just filling out some forms online. The College throws a celebration for all sophomores who have declared at the end of the year. They also take the time to prepare a note of congratulations with your “I Declared” mug! 

My “I Declared!” Mug

College is supposed to be the time when you find the best version of you and better understand what you love. So, don’t stress too much if you don’t know exactly what you’re going to do from start to finish!

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