The admissions advice you need to hear

It’s officially fall which means the college search process is well underway for many high school seniors. This is a stressful time — many students are asking themselves big questions that they’ve never had to consider before. Who am I? Who do I want to become? What do I want to do with my life? Those are heavy questions for anyone, but they can seem especially daunting to a 17 or 18 year old.

There are many places to turn for wisdom and advice throughout this process — friends, family, teachers, counselors, the internet. Even our Director of Undergraduate Admissions and President¬†shared their thoughts about the college search process in other posts. But when it comes down to it there is just one you need to remember.

You’re awesome. Don’t let the formality of college applications let you forget that. Every student has unique set of circumstances, strengths, and weaknesses that may or may not be a good match for every college. As President Kim Cassidy wrote in her post, “An admissions decision is not a pronouncement on your worth as a human being.”

The college search process is just that — a process. You aren’t meant to be great at it. It isn’t all supposed to go according to plan. This is a time for you to grow, learn, change, challenge and be challenged. Embrace who are you, be honest on your applications, and be open to the many different opportunities that various colleges and universities have to offer.

And remember, if you ever have questions or concerns about applying to Bryn Mawr, you can turn to your Admissions Counselor. We are happy to help you through this process.

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