Secret Perks of Being a Bryn Mawr Student

From Celine Chen


I wanted to share some fun, and maybe unknown, perks Bryn Mawr provides its students. Here are some fun facts that you might not have known about Bryn Mawr:

Free Laundry: You don’t have to worry about stocking up on coins because laundry is free at Bryn Mawr! There’s no excuse to let your laundry pile up to the point where it’s overflowing 😉

Free Printing: Bryn Mawr also has free (unlimited) printing (within reason)! This is so great for people who don’t like reading on their computers. Sometimes it’s also nice to print out your readings so you can really mark them up. Also, some professors ask that you print and turn in physical copies of your homework/essays, so you don’t have to worry about those assignments depleting your printing quota.

Free bus to Trader Joe’s: I first heard about this as a prospective student, and I’m not going to lie, it got me pretty excited. Near Bryn Mawr we have a shopping center called Suburban Square that has Trader Joe’s, Urban Outfitters, Starbucks, Sephora, a ton of restaurants and more. On Saturday mornings a bus takes you right from Bryn Mawr’s campus to the shopping center, so you can get your weekly groceries or take part in some retail therapy!

Transportation to Haverford and Swarthmore: The Tri-Co (Tri-college consortium) makes transportation between the colleges really easy by providing free transportation to Haverford and Swarthmore. We have the Blue Bus, which takes you to Haverford, constantly running throughout the day, 7 days a week. The ride to Haverford is a short 10 minutes, so it’s super convenient to go to Haverford whenever you need to. We also have the van to Swarthmore. The trip to Swarthmore takes a little longer so the van does not come as often, but it’s great having transportation taking you directly to Swarthmore rather than having to take public transportation which would take longer.

Reimbursement for Penn Courses: Although Bryn Mawr does not provide its own form of transportation to U Penn, taking SEPTA (the train) is easy and accessible. Since you are paying for train tickets out of pocket, Bryn Mawr will reimburse you for the cost it takes to get to Penn!

Free Movie Nights: I love the Bryn Mawr College Film Series! It’s a student run club that screens a variety of movies throughout the year for free. The movies are usually popular and fairly new so it’s a great way to catch movies you might have just missed in theaters! This semester we’ve had some notable movies like Oceans 8, Incredibles 2, and Mamma Mia 2!

KCass Teaches and holds Office Hours: Our beloved president, Kim Cassidy (AKA KCass), teaches a psychology class that students can take! She spoke about it at our Fall Open House. She also holds office hours for her class and for all students to drop by and chat or discuss questions and/or concerns. She’s also super nice and always says hi if you pass by her on campus 🙂


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