Staying Overnight Makes a Difference

From Andrea Lirio

Why you should definitely consider and overnight and what to expect.

The long wait is over! You’ve finally heard back from colleges and now you’ve got some decisions to make. Before buying college merch and posting your decision on social media, you should definitely consider having an overnight stay. An overnight is extremely important in figuring out if the college’s culture and offerings fit you. Going for an overnight visit or visiting the campus in general is an important tool to help you choose a school that’s perfect for you!

Here are the reasons why you should pack up your bags and visit your potential future college:

  1. You’ll get to connect with current students and meet your potential future classmates.
    It’s one thing to watch videos online, stalk the college’s Instagram, and binge-read all the pamphlets sent to your mailbox, but it’s another to actually be on campus and connect with current students. Hearing what other students have to say about their experience can tell you a lot about the college’s culture and vibe, which can help you better gauge if you can see yourself on campus. You might also meet your future classmates! You’ll have a ton of time to bond with others in the same position as you – whether it’s sleeping on the floor of your hosts’ room together, being a few minutes late because you can’t find a classroom, or just getting some food in the dining hall. This is a great opportunity to meet other people trying to make the same decision. Maybe you’ll both end up back on campus in August!
  2. You’ll get to stay in the dorms and eat in the dining hall.
    Staying in the dorms is an important experience to have. It helps you better envision yourself on campus – how you might decorate your room, what your daily routine will look like, etc. Being able to imagine yourself living in the dorms and how your day-to-day will look like is important to understanding if the school is a right fit for you! Eating in the dining hall is also essential since you’ll be eating this food all the time! You want to make sure there are options for you and that you can see yourself eating there every day. So if having ice cream and pizza regularly is important to you, make sure you check what you school offers and if you like it. If you have dietary restrictions or preferences, you’ll always want to make sure you can be accommodated. You definitely can’t experience a college’s dorms and dining hall food without visiting.
  3. You can attend classes and club meetings or other campus events.
    Sleeping and eating are just part of your routine. You’ll also be attending classes and joining clubs in college. Visiting campus on a weekday will give you an opportunity to experience a college classroom. How do professors teach? How big or small are the class sizes? You’ll also be able to attend club meetings and see if you’d be interested in joining organizations on campus. Seeing classes, clubs, and campus events can help you visualize yourself getting involved and participating in all your school has to offer.
  4. You’ll see an active campus and a day in the life of a student.
    When you go on a tour, visit during a break, or visit over the summer, you miss the experience of seeing actual, real-life students on campus going to class, participating in clubs, and going to their on-campus jobs. Having an overnight will allow you to be fully immersed in the life of a college student. You’ll be surrounded by the normal ebb and flow of the campus. You’ll see when and where students are most active and get a feel for a typical day.
  5. You can actually envision yourself on campus.
    Overall, going for an overnight stay at colleges you are considering is important. Being able to experience the campus, people, and culture for yourself is something you can’t do on a computer no matter how many articles you read, videos you watch, or pictures you see. The most important person in this college decision process is you. You are the person who will be attending the institution for four years. You are the person who will be taking classes, joining organizations, and making new friends. You are the person who will be eating in the dining hall and living in the dorms. You are the person who will be growing and learning through this experience, which means you are the most important person in this decision.

So, before you jump the gun and order all your merch, take some time to consider your options and go for an overnight stay!

Want an idea of what your overnight will look like? Check out this sampe schedule!

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