Virtual Visit Tips and Tricks

From Libby Lakeman

While many colleges are unable to physically welcome visitors to campus right now, Admissions Offices are offering various virtual events to connect with prospective students and families. Here at Bryn Mawr, we are coming up with creative ways to showcase our community through fireside chats, hangouts, and other online events. Other colleges are doing the same so take advantage of these opportunities! I know Zoom can be exhausting, so I want to help you find authentic ways to engage with our community during this time. Below are some of my best practices for engaging with colleges virtually.

How to maximize your virtual visit:

Planning is key. Virtual events are great because it gives you access to more colleges than you probably visit physically. But you can get easily overwhelmed with too many visits and events. Start by making a list of which schools you are interested in and their virtual visit options. Most schools hold at least one information session each day and sometimes a virtual tour. Once you have a sense of all your visit options, create a schedule that works for you. A routine can be helpful here. For example, choose one day of the week to schedule your virtual events. Consistency can ensure that your college search doesn’t interfere with your other responsibilities. Do not feel as though you need to register for every virtual event at every college.The college admissions season is long, so there will be plenty of time to connect with us throughout the rest of the summer and the fall.

Ask questions! Don’t be shy! There are a lot of unknowns right now and we know you have questions. Use the Q&A feature or unmute yourself to join the conversation if you can. There are no questions too big or too small!




Connect in ways that feel true to you. If the virtual event allows, turn on your camera to connect with us and other attendees! I know it might feel vulnerable, but we love seeing your faces and being able to engage with you more authentically. If you would rather not turn on your camera or microphone, no pressure! There are still ways to stay connected. Feel free to reach out to the Admissions Officer or tour guide facilitating the conversation privately after the event. There is no right or wrong way to engage with us. If that means turning on your camera or sending us an email to chat individually, that works great. The bottom line is we want to hear from you!

Reach out to the Admissions Office to see if you can connect with current students. Our tour guides are happy to chat via email or Zoom to share their experiences. Current students are great resources to learn about campus culture and student life, especially when you can’t see those things for yourself.



Look out for recordings. Bryn Mawr records most of our virtual events, so if you miss an information session or Fireside Chat there is a good chance you can watch it later. Check out our Admissions Office website to stay up-to-date.




This college admissions cycle is new and challenging for all of us. At the end of the day, I encourage you all to be curious and stay connected. Take some time this summer to check in with yourself as you start to make that virtual visit plan. Be sure to integrate some time for yourself as you fill up your schedule with information sessions and other virtual events. We will be here for you along the way! Check out our Admissions Office’s events page to stay updated. We hope to see you online soon!


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