We Want to See You Part II: In-Person Visit Tips

Last month we began our two-part blog series offering all our prospective students the insider tips and tricks of visiting colleges virtually and in person. In our previous post, we tackled virtual visits, and today we plan to explore visiting us in person this Fall.

While we are currently offering tours for small groups of visitors, we are excited to expand our in-person offerings throughout the upcoming year. As we move toward a total return to campus, we are thrilled to offer some helpful guidelines for visiting campus with your friends and family. These tips will not only keep everyone healthy and safe but will help you to maximize your experience.

In-Person Visit Tips!

Listen to Your Tour Guide! Your tour guide is not only an excellent current student, but they are the most up-to-date emissaries from the college to you. They know how to keep you safe and healthy by following all the college’s guidelines for visiting campus. If you come to visit us on campus, keep your ears and eyes peeled on your guide. We ask you to follow their directions as closely as possible. That way, everyone has a positive experience on campus!

Research Before Visiting. Usually, when you come on campus, you would do an information session, followed by a campus tour. We are excited to resume this format by offering in-person information sessions beginning September 6th on campus. We encourage you to maximize your experience by attending the information session and researching our offerings before arriving on campus. That way, you know what you are looking for and ask our student tour guide during your visit!

Take notice of flyers and other promotional materials around the campus to see what happens beyond academics. We have a lot going on around campus, so this is an excellent way to understand what the community values and the social opportunities are here. The campus center is a great space to gather some of this information!

Explore the surrounding city or town.  Bryn Mawr is a small town close to the big city of Philadelphia. We encourage you to take a commute into the city to see how accessible it is for your academic and social purposes. College is not just a campus; it’s the place you’ll call home for the next four years. We want to make sure you are excited about everything Bryn Mawr has to offer.

Get the contact information of the admissions representative for your area. We are here to be your advocate, so the admissions counselor for your site will be your best resource for any questions or concerns you have after you leave campus.

Bring Water and Wear Sunscreen! Even as we move into Fall, we want to advise you that it can get hot and humid here! Take the time to prepare physically before driving onto campus. Always check the weather and dress appropriately for an hour of walking outdoors. 

In conclusion, whether in-person or online, we are so excited for you to visit us and see if Bryn Mawr is right for you. The college admissions process can be a fantastic opportunity for self-discovery as you start to explore what type of community you see yourself in for your college years. We encourage you to keep calm and keep an open mind! If you do that and follow our tips, we have no doubt you’ll find success!

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