Spring Visit Tips for Seniors

FROM LIBBY LAKEMAN, Senior assistant director of undergraduate admissions


March is a big month in the world of college admissions both for universities and applicants. On the student side, excitement flourishes as decisions begin to roll in. On the college side, we are equally excited to focus our efforts on sharing all the reasons why our community is special. Even now you may be thinking about the big decisions looming on the horizon for you, or someone close to you.

Whether decisions have begun to roll in or not, you may be starting to think about the process of narrowing down your choices to make that final decision when the time comes. For many, visiting campus is a big part of the process and at Bryn Mawr, we are eager to share our tips for connecting with us in the coming months. Whether you’d like to visit us in person or connect virtually, we’ve got you covered. We recognize you have a big decision in front of you, so here are some of my best practices for engaging with colleges this spring.

It’s never too early to think ahead, here are our tips to maximize your visit:

Take a look at the big picture:

Before you even register for your visit, take some time to reflect on what you hope to get from each college visit. What will help you decide which community is best for you? Are you curious about what the dynamic is like between students and professors? Do you want to know what kinds of conversations are happening in the classroom? Is it essential for you to hear what students do for fun? Write down some of these burning questions, and then make sure you can gain some of these insights during your actual visit, in-person or virtually. Ask to visit a class or talk with a student over Zoom if that would be helpful! We are happy to connect you to the resources on campus that will help you make the most informed decision.

Planning is key:

There will be the option to visit colleges in person this spring, but check to see their visit guidelines before booking any travel. Many colleges, Bryn Mawr included, will likely still limit the number of visitors they allow on campus. Make sure the day you plan to visit is still has availability before coming to campus! Also, the earlier you let us know you will be on campus, the more time we have to organize a great day for you. Class visits, conversations with current students, and other meetings with departments by appointment will be available. It will really help us if you register sooner rather than later for your visit.

If you cannot physically make it to a college to visit, do not worry! Virtual sessions will be offered to connect with us and learn about our community. Check the admitted student visit page on your portal to confirm dates and times for these virtual opportunities. Add these dates to your calendar or planner as a reminder.

Keep notes:

Write down reminders to yourself about what things you liked or disliked about your campus visit. When it comes to decision time, these notes to yourself might be the push you need to make your choice. Visits can be overwhelming because you are so excited to be admitted and talk to potential future community members, but you might forget things in that overwhelm! So, take those notes. If you’re on campus, feel free to take pictures! Pictures can also help jog your memory as well as help you visualize yourself on campus. If you take pictures and post them on social media, don’t forget to tag us!

When in doubt, ask! 

Don’t be shy. There are no questions too big or too small! If you left your visit and still have lingering questions, we can contact current students or the right department representative to get your questions answered. If you could not make it to a virtual event, ask if it was recorded.

Be excited!

You are about to (or have) reached such a particular time in this process. You will have excellent choices before you; now, it is just about finding the best community fit for you. There are no wrong decisions. Enjoy the connections you can make with campus community members.

At the end of the day, I encourage you to be curious and stay connected. Take some time periodically to check in with yourself as you start to make your visit plans and as the decisions come in. Be sure to integrate some time for yourself as you fill up your schedule with visits, both in-person and virtual. If something doesn’t work out, remember that re-direction is a normal part of the process.  We will be here for you along the way! Check out our Admissions Office’s visit page to stay updated. We hope to see you soon!

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