The Sophomore Plan

From Andrea Lirio 

The Sophomore Plan is a program Bryn Mawr offers to help students, particularly sophomores (like me!), with selecting a major, deciding whether or not to study abroad, and preparing for internships and other professional opportunities. During the fall semester, I met with my dean to discuss the goals and interests that would help shape my college plan and experience. We discussed my potential major and courses needed to complete it, my interest in going abroad during junior year, and my past internship experience.  Continue reading

DLT at Bryn Mawr

At Bryn Mawr, each dorm has a number of students who serve as dorm officers. They’re called the Dorm Leadership Team (DLT). All of the dorms have Hall Advisors (HAs), Customs People (CPs), one Dorm President, one Peer Mentor, and one Culture and Diversity Assistant (CDA). They serve as mentors for incoming first years to help in their transition to Bryn Mawr as well as representatives to create a safe and welcoming community. Meet some of our DLT!    Continue reading