From the Team: Making the Most of Your Campus Visit – Kimiye Maeshiro ’23

How to Make the Most of Your Visit to Bryn Mawr’s Campus 

 Before I became an admissions counselor, I was one of Bryn Mawr’s student tour guides and interns. I heard many families and students say that visiting our campus sealed the deal about applying and attending Bryn Mawr. Tours and information sessions personify the college experience—you get to see the sights beyond the website or brochures and meet with community members directly.  

 Whether you’re flying into Pennsylvania or driving down the road, here are some tips about how to make the most of your campus visits during the college tour season.  


  • We offer tours every morning and afternoon with an information session in between. If you sign up online ahead of time, it will ensure that you meet our staff and tour guides.  
  • If you visit campus outside of business hours, there is a self-guided tour with QR codes in front of each building.  
  • Dress to walk outside. 
  • Our tours last about an hour long and will take you on a loop around campus. Check the weather before picking your outfit, wear comfortable shoes, apply sunscreen, and bring a water bottle. 
  • Prepare questions and be intentional about who you direct them to. 
  • Our admissions team is very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of Bryn Mawr, but they have different areas of expertise. The tour guides can directly speak to the student experience while the admissions counselors are up to date on the application process. 
  • If you have questions about financial aid, their staff is also equipped to address your concerns. We’re more than happy to answer all your questions! 
  • Interviews for rising seniors and transfer students. 
  • Want to stand out on your application? Our admissions counselors and senior tour guides offer interviews throughout the day. Interviews are optional, but highly recommended! We want to know more about who you are and what you bring to the table beyond your written application. 
  • Consider the mundane. 
  • The truth is in the details. Notice how people interact with one another on campus. Take note of the posters for upcoming events. Do people clean up after themselves? This will give you insight into what daily life on campus is like. 
  • Follow up. 
  • Kind interactions go a long way. Make yourself positively memorable by thanking your admissions counselor and tour guide after your visit.  
  • There is contact information available at the front desk for all our staff members and tour guides. You can also reach out to tour guides via our PeerPal messaging service.  


We hope to see you on campus soon! If you can’t visit Bryn Mawr, no worries! We have many virtual options for you to learn more about us in the fall. 

Summer Stories: Lakshmi Natesan ’25

Lakshmi Natesan ‘25 

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA 

Psychology major and Environmental Studies minor, Lakshmi Natesan, has explored her interests in art, social justice, and storytelling in her work on campus with Dharmic Students Association, as a Community Diversity Assistant, and as a Tour Guide for the Admissions Office. While some may not know that Philadelphia is the mural capital of the world, this summer Lakshmi is learning this first-hand, with an internship for the Communications Department at Mural Arts Philadelphia.   

Q: How did you find this internship? 

Art is one of my passions as is art education, and Bryn Mawr helped me with the first step in that career. The Career and Civic Engagement Center runs a program called Summer of Service, where you can work at a service or activism organization in the Bryn Mawr/Philadelphia region and, if necessary, Bryn Mawr will fund you. Summer of Service has offered me free housing in Batten House this summer and covered my SEPTA transport monthly card, so even if I’m not traveling into the city for work, I have assistance getting around.  Alongside my work in the office, I get to do on-site painting for a climate justice mural, which I am excited about! 

Q: What have you enjoyed so far with this internship? 

The Mural Arts motto is “beautify, inspire, empower,” and Philadelphia is such a beautiful city with so many people and stories, so working in a role like this has given me the opportunity to learn more about them, their backgrounds, voices, and dreams. There’s something special about seeing your work on in real time: the words I wrote, graphics I made, or press releases I proofread and co-wrote. It’s very meaningful to be in the room where it happens and then see your work out in the world.   

Q: How has Bryn Mawr prepared you for this experience? 

I started the role without copywriting experience, so I didn’t fully understand what went into that, but I was able to pick it up quickly because Bryn Mawr emphasizes writing skills. My ESEM taught me that you only have so much space to say something, so you have to make every word count. The community at Bryn Mawr has made me feel comfortable reaching out to professors and students on campus, which has in turn made me feel comfortable reaching out to people in the organization. I haven’t felt nervous reaching out to my supervisors, because Bryn Mawr emphasizes office hours and building relationships with professors.  


Lakshmi is also excited to travel this summer and into the fall for study abroad. “I am leaving my internship a couple of days early because I have a family event in India, then I come home with two weeks to pack up for Italy.” This fall, she will be studying abroad in Perugia at the Umbra Institute in the Food, Sustainability, and Environmental Studies program! 

Mawrter Advice: College Interviews

Hi rising college seniors, 

I hope all is going well with your college search! If you are reading this, you have great taste, and are interested in Bryn Mawr! I am here to offer some guidance through the hectic college application season, from one rising senior to another.  

Reaching out for an interview is an important way to strengthen your application. College interviews are conversations between you and someone who represents the college; this could be an admissions officer, an alum, or even a current student who works for admissions. Bryn Mawr has a holistic application review process, so interviewing with someone from the College is an excellent way to show more of yourself that might not come across in your essay, transcripts, and tests (if you chose to submit). As intimidating as the interview process can be, we want the conversation to feel relaxed and comfortable for you. Rather than look at it as a rigid job interview format, try thinking of it as a structured conversation. 

During my Bryn Mawr interview with my area’s admissions officer, we talked about our love for author Madeline Miller and what Bryn Mawr has to offer. From that conversation, I learned that interviews are a two-way process. They are a great opportunity to learn more about a college and see if it is a good fit for you. The person representing the College is there to see if you are prepared to engage with the community and if you are a good fit for the school.  

You do not need to follow a script when you interview with us! We want to meet you and hear about your proudest moments and passions. It helps to rehearse with a college counselor, friend, or family member to discuss how you introduce yourself, being sure to focus on what you have accomplished during high school and what you are looking for in a college. Practicing an interview can help alleviate the anxiety around the whole ordeal. Just know as long as you are honest and true to yourself, you will be happy with how the interview goes! 

-Maddy Kessler ’24

Summer Stories: Celeste Bloom ’24

Hometown: Washington, DC:  

Celeste’s work on campus has extended to Dining Services, Canaday Library’s Technology Help Desk, Conferences and Events, and this fall she will take over as host of Bryn Mawr’s student-run podcast, “What’s Up Bryn Mawr?” This summer, the English major and Sociology minor is working with the Impact Center, conducting research and interviews with transracial Asian adoptees students and alums on their experiences. The Impact Center is also piloting the new Intercultural Living and Learning Center, where Celeste will be living this fall. 

Q: How did you end up with this fellowship? 

My interest in this work stems from academics, extracurriculars, and personal experiences. I took a Haverford class on Asian American literature and a lot of the theory that we read included books on adoptees, which showed me that it is a field of study. I wanted to do independent research, so I talked to my Dean and a professor at Haverford, who both encouraged me to apply to different fellowships. I ended up writing a proposal for this project that included oral history and interviewing students about their experiences, which got approved by the Impact Center. 

Q: How has Bryn Mawr prepared you for this work? 

This project connects to a lot of the higher-level English classes that I’ve taken at Bryn Mawr and Haverford. I was able to take Asian American literature classes, and I realized that I could carve out a space for my identity within English literature.  I’ve been able to read books, podcasts, and access information that has taught me about Adoptee and Asian American theory and media. The Writing Center helped me write my project proposals and with mock interviews. The liberal arts aspect of Bryn Mawr has challenged me to expand on my thinking; I’ve become more independent and explored more ways of thinking and living. I have also been prepared by and benefited from, really small class sizes and the ability to get close to professors and gain research skills. 

Q: Is there a part of this project that you are most excited for?  

I’m excited to interview people and, hear about their stories, and highlight adoptees’ various experiences hear about their stories, and highlight the variety of experiences that adoptees have. I interviewed one individual who grew up outside the States in an Asian country, who has one Asian parent, which is a different experience from adoptees who come to the US and have two white parents and are raised in an American household and environment.  It’s interesting that both interviewees hold the label of transracial Asian adoptees, but they have vastly different experiences. 

What’s special about this fellowship is that I got to create it and there is a large focus on Bryn Mawr’s history, specifically on students of color, diversity, and how that’s looked throughout time. The audio that I capture and edit will go into Bryn Mawr’s digital archive.  Other components of the project include a creative writing piece and a website I hope to create for the completed project.  

Besides fellowship work on campus, Celeste also plans to spend her summer exploring, “Now that COVID restrictions have opened, there’s a lot to do in Philly. I went berry picking a couple of days ago, and I’m actually going to New York just for the day this weekend. Bryn Mawr’s close to Philly and a lot of major cities, and you can get around and explore.” 🏙️ 

Summer Stories: Annalise Ashman ’24

Annalise Ashman ‘24

 Hometown: Tyrone, GA

 As a History of Art and Anthropology double major with a Museum Studies minor, Annalise Ashman is well-versed in all things art. When she isn’t learning about art in the classroom, she’s involved with Art Club and BACaSO, an affinity group on campus.  This summer, she continues her work with Sotheby’s in New York as the Contemporary Art, Evening Sales Intern.

Q: How did you find this internship?

I did a Google sweep for internships related to art and art business and found several opportunities related to the buying and selling of artworks through auction houses.  This opportunity appealed to me specifically for its focus on hands-on learning and collaboration both within and across departments.

Q: How do you feel that Bryn Mawr has prepared you? 

The History of Art department at Bryn Mawr has continuously provided me with the invaluable art historical knowledge to be able to pursue this opportunity, and others like it, with confidence.  In looking at works of art, Bryn Mawr has equipped me with a strong foundation in art historical writing and research that has helped me navigate daily tasks and assignments. Specifically, my contemporary art classes have also allowed me to explore my interest within the field through artists that appeal to me.

 Q: What are you most excited to do during this internship?

 I am so excited to learn more about the global art market through hands-on experiences and collaborative projects!  I am working with an extremely knowledgeable team of people who have worn many different hats in the art world, and I can’t wait to continue learning more throughout the summer.  Being in New York, I am also excited to further explore the robust art scene of galleries and museums.  So far, I have explored a few galleries throughout Lower Manhattan, and still have many more left on my list to visit!

Annalise is also excited to exercise her creativity outside of work this summer, “At the beginning of the year, I made it my summer mission to make homemade jam!  During my time at home, I found a local farm, picked a few pounds of strawberries, and made strawberry jam for the first time!  I am a lifetime jam lover, and this project was so much fun for me.  After being abroad, it was great to return home and do something so rewarding and share it with my family.  I will be making jam again and planning to try my hand at using blueberries too!”  🍓

Summer Stories: Emma Gross ’25

Emma Gross ‘25

Hometown: Ottsville, Pennsylvania

Emma directs the Bryn Mawr College Night Owls Acapella Group, she is also involved with Craft Collective and is a tour guide with the Office of Admissions. This summer, the International Studies Major and Political Science Minor will be working with survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence at the Nationality Service Center (NSC) in Philadelphia’s Department of Survivor Services.

Q: What will your work with NSC involve?

I will be a Case Management Aid, helping survivors connect with different kinds of social and legal resources to best help their adjustment to Philadelphia. I’ll help make sure that they have the resources they need and help facilitate trauma processing groups.

Q: How did you find this internship?

I worked at a law firm last summer and I wanted to explore careers beyond the legal sphere and learn more about social services, so Bryn Mawr’s Career and Civic Engagement Center pointed me in the direction of this internship. Students from Bryn Mawr have interned there in past summers and loved it.  The staff at the Career and Civic Engagement Center is awesome–they helped me with my resume and with any applications that required cover letters.

Q: How do you feel that Bryn Mawr has prepared you for this experience?

Bryn Mawr has taught me not just information in my classes, but also how to talk about it and apply what I’m learning outside the classroom. I’ve learned to think critically and on my feet!

For example, I took a class at Haverford about transitional justice and I learned about how achieving justice is a holistic process that includes connecting people with social services, counseling services, and healthcare services.  I also took a “Politics of Protest” class at Bryn Mawr that really opened my eyes to different kinds of global conflict. I didn’t realize how many career options there were until I got to Bryn Mawr and learned that I can do conflict and peace mediation as a job.


Q: What are you most excited to do in this internship?

I’m looking forward to working with people and getting to know them and learning their stories. I’ll learn about their experiences and become more aware of what’s going on in the world around me and learn how to facilitate a processing group.

Emma also plans to enjoy exploring Philadelphia this summer, “I’m taking some dance classes in Philly and going hiking at some nearby parks with friends. I’m also just really looking forward to having some down time to just chill out and enjoy the summer weather.” ☀️

Summer Stories: Jade Poli ’25

Jade Poli ‘25

Hometown: Maplewood, NJ


As a Creative Writing Major and Gender & Sexuality Studies Minor, Jade has made Bryn Mawr her second home. She’s heavily involved on campus: Night Owls A Capella, Nimbus Literary & Arts Magazine, as well as Spanish Peer Tutoring, are just a few examples of how she’s made community for herself on campus. This summer Jade will take on German in Vienna. Using her creative talents in an internship she found through Bryn Mawr, she’ll prepare for and market the Amadeus Music Festival hosted by the Amadeus International School. 

Q: How did you find this program?

 I found this internship through the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES), which is one of the programs that works with Bryn Mawr students. I went to one of Bryn Mawr’s summer career opportunities events at the Career and Civic Engagement Center, and asked them if they had any programs that would be in the artsy realm, like creative arts, music, performing arts, etc.  They told me about IES and I liked it the most because it aligned with my interests in music and is in such a cool city!

Q: What will you be doing while you’re there? 

My day-to-day activities will involve preparing for and marketing the music festival hosted by the school. Seems my experience as a Tour Guide will come in handy as well as I will be helping out their admissions team!

One of the best parts of this program is that they guarantee you an internship placement. So, if I had for some reason not gotten the job with the people that I’m working with, they would have found me something else to do while I’m there!

Q: What are you most looking forward to about this experience?

Living in a city and having a lot of independence in that space!  As much as I’m independent at school, Bryn Mawr is a space that’s very similar to my home so the transition was not particularly difficult for me.  Now, I’m going to a space that is very different from Bryn Mawr and New Jersey. 

I am excited to grow the skills I’ve started to plant the seeds of while working at Bryn Mawr. A vital part of the program is “professional development”. We will have what they call the “Internship Seminar” twice a week, where you work on professional development skills like getting your resume ready and interviewing.

I’m also taking a German class that comes with the program!

Q: In what ways has Bryn Mawr prepared you for this experience? 

Bryn Mawr has made me more independent and more confident. If I had dropped into Vienna after high school, I probably would have been more stressed and less prepared for it. Now, as much as I’m anxious to be in a new environment, being halfway through my undergraduate career gives me the confidence to feel like I know what I’m doing. Bryn Mawr has high standards and it’s a space that is very community-oriented. Because of this, I think it’ll make it really easy for me to connect with my coworkers and to organize events as part of my work. 

Despite her packed schedule, Jade is also looking forward to some down-time after her travels: 

When I get back after two months, I will go to Arlington to see my Bryn Mawr roommate. She’s going abroad to Copenhagen this fall! Then, I usually go to Cape Cod to visit my grandparents. I’ll also just chill out with my dog after, because you know, I won’t be with my dog while I’m abroad! 🐶