Choosing Classes

From Andrea Lirio


As the fall semester slowly comes to an end, students at Bryn Mawr start planning for spring classes, which run from late January to late April. While the process is stressful, there are many opportunities to meet with deans, THRIVE mentors, peer mentors, and professors to discuss potential courses and majors that you’re interested in pursuing.

What really makes the course registration process so difficult is the number of courses we have to choose from! There are so many course options at Bryn Mawr, especially with the consortium! As a student at Bryn Mawr, I can enroll in classes at Haverford College, Swarthmore College, and the University of Pennsylvania. Bryn Mawr makes it easy to enroll and simple to get to each school with the Blue Bus to Haverford College and Swarthmore College and a convenient location near the SEPTA train line to the University of Pennsylvania. Check out our Instagram stories to see how easy it is!

Being at a liberal arts college, you have the ability to study so many subjects – arts, biological and physical sciences, social sciences, humanities, language, mathematics, literature, etc. Bryn Mawr also encourages students to take at least one Quantitative Methods, Critical Interpretation, Cross Cultural, Inquiry into the Past, Scientific Investigation, and foreign language course. These make up most of our requirements which can be found here.

While I didn’t appreciate it at first, having to fulfill the graduation requirements forces me to take classes out of my comfort zone, which I’m actually grateful for. Without the graduation requirements, I couldn’t see myself taking a math, science, or language course. I’m glad Bryn Mawr encourages us to take courses in different fields; I believe all of my course work will add to a more well-rounded background and education that I can apply to my future career.

Overall, everyone is extremely supportive and helpful throughout the course registration process. If you have any questions, both students and faculty are open and willing to help. Bryn Mawr provides a great support system to explore majors, a diverse mix of courses, and forces students to go out of their comfort zone and take courses within different fields.

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Women Empowering Women

From Andrea Lirio


Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the NJ Conference for Women through LILAC, Bryn Mawr’s Leadership, Innovation, and Liberal Arts Center that helps students forge connection between their work in college and beyond. I signed up with the interest to learn more about women in business, and I left with more than I had expected.

No conference is complete without swag!

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Napkin Notes: Having a Say in the Smallest Way

From Andrea Lirio


At Bryn Mawr, students are encouraged to communicate with Dining Services through napkin notes — suggestions to improve the dining experience.  Each dining hall has a Napkin Note board that Dining Services staff respond to daily. If I’m being entirely honest, when I joined campus I thought napkin notes didn’t work; I thought it was something the school put in place to make it look like students had a say when in reality they wouldn’t take it into account. Very early on into the year, however, I learned that we do have a say!

The Napkin Note board at Erdman Dining Hall decorated for Halloween/fall!

One night, I sat with my friends in New Dorm Dining Hall after dinner. While eating our soft serve ice cream, I said, “Why don’t we have Oreos? They’d be a great topping on this.” We all agreed that Oreos would be a great addition. Then it dawned on me, “Why don’t we put in a napkin note?” We stared at each other for a bit, uncertain if writing our request would even work.

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Getting the inside scoop

One of the best ways to connect with a college is through personal connections with staff, faculty, and especially students. This year, two students will be documenting their Bryn Mawr lives to share with you on this blog.

Andrea Lirio is a first-year student from Newton, Massachusetts. Follow along as she navigates her first year at Bryn Mawr.

Celine Chen is a senior from Portland, Oregon. Follow along as she reminisces the past 3 years and looks forward to life after Bryn Mawr.