Napkin Notes: Having a Say in the Smallest Way

From Andrea Lirio


At Bryn Mawr, students are encouraged to communicate with Dining Services through napkin notes — suggestions to improve the dining experience.  Each dining hall has a Napkin Note board that Dining Services staff respond to daily. If I’m being entirely honest, when I joined campus I thought napkin notes didn’t work; I thought it was something the school put in place to make it look like students had a say when in reality they wouldn’t take it into account. Very early on into the year, however, I learned that we do have a say!

The Napkin Note board at Erdman Dining Hall decorated for Halloween/fall!

One night, I sat with my friends in New Dorm Dining Hall after dinner. While eating our soft serve ice cream, I said, “Why don’t we have Oreos? They’d be a great topping on this.” We all agreed that Oreos would be a great addition. Then it dawned on me, “Why don’t we put in a napkin note?” We stared at each other for a bit, uncertain if writing our request would even work.

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Getting the inside scoop

One of the best ways to connect with a college is through personal connections with staff, faculty, and especially students. This year, two students will be documenting their Bryn Mawr lives to share with you on this blog.

Andrea Lirio is a first-year student from Newton, Massachusetts. Follow along as she navigates her first year at Bryn Mawr.

Celine Chen is a senior from Portland, Oregon. Follow along as she reminisces the past 3 years and looks forward to life after Bryn Mawr.