Things to Consider When Considering a Gap Year

Andrea Lirio

Why I chose to take a gap year and what you should consider if you’re considering taking one, too.

During my senior year of high school, I decided I wanted to take a gap yearOriginally, I heard about the idea of taking a gap year through my peers, social media, and articles on things to think about before going to college. I knew taking a gap year was right for me because I was looking to take some time off, wanted to take some time to focus on my professional and personal development, and believed I needed time to grow and explore my interests before starting an important chapter in my life. There were so many things I was interested in learning and exploring outside of the classroom, which is why I decided to take a gap year.  Continue reading

May Day 2019

May Day, the fourth and final of Bryn Mawr’s major traditions, is an all-day celebration that includes a strawberries and cream breakfast, Maypole dancing, dancing, plays, parades, and so much more. Taking place on the Sunday after the last week of classes, the Bryn Mawr community comes together to celebrate another successful year before heading into finals week.

Senior Celine Chen and first-year Andrea Lirio shared their May Day experiences with us. Continue reading

Sustainability at Bryn Mawr

From Celine Chen

Emily Barry is a math and environmental studies double major, so our paths have crossed many times in different math classes and department events.  I’ve really gotten to know Emily this year through study/work sessions, and I’ve discovered she has such an amazing, positive energy about her. Emily is also involved in a lot of interesting events/organizations around campus (including sustainability efforts) so I invited her to share her experience at Bryn Mawr.

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Intensive (and Intentional) Learning

From Celine Chen

Getting the most from my Bryn Mawr education, inside the classroom and out.

Bryn Mawr offers intensives and workshops throughout the academic year to supplement their liberal arts curriculum. These programs offer experiential learning, in which students can explore career and professional development tracks and topics that are not traditionally offered within a liberal arts curriculum. These intensives are really helpful in getting a chance to explore a professional area you may be interested in. You get a sense of what that field is all about, and the types of skills that would be helpful to make yourself a competitive candidate. Continue reading

Staying Overnight Makes a Difference

From Andrea Lirio

Why you should definitely consider and overnight and what to expect.

The long wait is over! You’ve finally heard back from colleges and now you’ve got some decisions to make. Before buying college merch and posting your decision on social media, you should definitely consider having an overnight stay. An overnight is extremely important in figuring out if the college’s culture and offerings fit you. Going for an overnight visit or visiting the campus in general is an important tool to help you choose a school that’s perfect for you!

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How Did I End Up at Bryn Mawr?

From Celine CHen

How being open to different paths led me to Bryn Mawr.

My journey to Bryn Mawr was not at all what I expected. The truth is that Bryn Mawr was not my top choice when I was going through the college search process. When I was applying to college, I was set on staying close to home and going to school in sunny Southern California, yet, somehow, I ended up at Bryn Mawr College. So how did I end up here?

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STEM Recruitment and the Tri-Co

From Celine Chen

Yes, tech companies want to hire students from liberal arts colleges. 

As graduation approaches, I’ve started to check our Bryn Mawr’s career board for upcoming events on a regular basis. There are career events going on all throughout the academic year: alumni come to speak about what they have done since graduating, info sessions from different organizations, free lunch with alumni, and so much more. Once a year, the Tri-Co (Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore) hosts a recruiting day, which is essentially a career fair. Recruiters across all disciplines (STEM, non-profit, banking, etc.) come to one of the three colleges so students can network, learn more about different companies, and explore any job openings.

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Taking Time to Get Involved

From Andrea Lirio

It’s never too late to join schools clubs and organizations!

The first semester of college is a whirlwind — there are so many people to meet, new places to explore, things to try, and organizations to join. During my first semester, I was overwhelmed with all of the options. To ease my way into Bryn Mawr’s community, I decided to focus on classes, exploring campus and the areas around us, and spending time making friends. Now in my second semester, I feel more adjusted to college life and ready to join a few organizations.

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Why is Networking Such a Scary Word?

From Celine Chen

Learning how to connect with other professionals and build a network. 

The term networking seems to really throw people off, especially when they are just starting their career journey. We know it’s an important part of professional development, but so many people don’t know how to do it. How do you meet other professionals? Who should you talk to? How do you get them to join your network?

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